Wednesday, 4 December 2013

November Favorites

November Favorites -

It's finally December! I love December, It's probably my favorite month!
Since it's the beginning of December I think it's time to show you my
November favorites. I don't have a lot of favorites this month (only one beauty
& one fashion!) but I promise, next month will be better because i'm going
to Amsterdam! I can't wait, I'm going to shop 'til I drop!
Let's get to my favorites!

I have been loving The Pepperment Tea from 
Celestial. I like drinking it before I go to bed
and it tastes like peppermint! If you are a big
tea drinker you have to try this.

I bought this Dress from New Look last month
and it's so pretty. You can make it look really fancy
or you can dress it down. Everyone needs a
little black dress!

I have worn the OPI Skyfall so many
times! I'm not sure if you can still buy it
because it's like a year old, but I love
deep red nail polishes!

M&M Peanut Butter is probably my
favorite candy ever. What genius thought
of this?!

That's all for my favorites, hope you liked it!
-Purple Flamingo

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