Thursday, 20 March 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

I have been using the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation for three months now so I thought it was time for a review on this baby! If you have seen my February favorites you'll know that I love this foundation.
Lately my skin has been a bit uneven and I needed a foundation that I could use everyday so it had to be light and natural since I'm not very fond of heavy everyday makeup. 
The foundation has a medium coverage and a small amount goes a long way so I wont have to buy a new one for a long time. It looks natural and it evens out my skin. This foundation is also great for a long school or workday because it still looks good after 8 hours. There is one thing you should now though, it can look a bit cakey if you are not careful, just be sure that you have moisturize your face before applying the foundation. One time I had a few dry patches on my skin and you could totally see it through the foundation, so learn from my mistakes ladies and don't use the foundation when your skin is dry. 

This is how the foundation looks like on maah face.
It looks normal on pictures which is really important!
Overall I really love this foundation and if you are looking for a new foundation
you should definitely try this one!


Monday, 17 March 2014

This Week (#11)

Hello my lovely readers!
I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to do more
lifestyle posts, so I decided to do one every week.
They will be up on Sundays or Mondays but on other days
my posts will be either about makeup or fashion.

This is my favorite mug ever! Before I go to bed
a cup of tea is a must. I don't know what it is about tea but there is just
something so relaxing having a cup of tea before bed.
 My favorite tea before I go to bed is
Sleepy time from Celestial seasonings.
My hands have been pretty dry lately so I always
have a hand cream next to my bed. My favorite one is from
L'Occitane, it works wonders!           

Lately I have been trying to be healthier.
 I tried the mango guava vitamin water this
week and it's soooo good and refreshing.

 Here's a little preview from my next post.
My favorite foundation right now is this one from Rimmel
and I've been using it everyday this week but more
on that later ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post!


Monday, 10 March 2014


Hello lovely readers!
Recently I have been wanting to put more lifestyle posts
on my blog, because I love reading those kind of posts on other blogs.
In my lifestyle posts will probably be more photos than text, I don't want to bore
you to death by telling you every little detail about my life.

The other day I came home early so I decided to make myself a good lunch.
I want to give myself more time to make healthy snacks, lunches and all that jazz.
It's just so important to eat healthy, you'll sleep better, you'll get more energy and you'll
just feel better! 
Sooo here are the ingredients that I used in my pasta salad.
-Hard boiled egg
-Salad dressing

...and of course while I ate my delicious salad I watched one 
of my favorite TV-show, Grey's Anatomy!



Saturday, 1 March 2014

February Favorites

February is over and March is here!
Here are my favorites for February

Instyle - UK
Instyle is one of my favorite magazines.
It has everything I want in a magazine which is 
fashion, makeup, hair, celebrities and so much more.
I think the cover for the March issue is so beautiful, the
colors are so pretty!

L'Occitane Hand cream
This hand cream is the best!
The smell is okay, some people might not like it
but it's so hydrating and not that greasy. I use
this a lot during the cold months, hopefully I won't 
need it for March!

Rimmel - Natural Bronzer
I love this bronzer and I always go back
to it. I mostly use it when I don't have a tan
because some bronzers are a bit orange, which I don't like but .
this one is perfect. If you are looking for a great, cheap bronzer you
should definitely try this one.

Primark Necklace
I bought this necklace last December when I
was in Amsterdam. I have used it so much, especially
this February. You can wear it with dresses or jumpers
which I often do and it's really cheap too.

Rimmel - Stay Matte Foundation
Another great product from Rimmel. Latley my
skin color has been a bit uneven and I felt like my BB cream
didn't cover it completely. When I came home from a long
school day, the BB cream had also worn off so I thought 
I would try wearing foundation instead. I was skeptical at first
because I thought it would be too heavy, but if you just use a 
small amount it looks really natural and my makeup lasts so much 
longer now. 

- Fjóla

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