Thursday, 19 December 2013

Miss Sporty Lipstick - Innocence

I'm back from Amsterdam! It was so much fun and
Amsterdam  is so beautiful. I did some shopping there and by
some I mean a lot. So you will probably see more makeup reviews
and OOTD, which I haven't really done, but I really want to 
add more fashion to my blog. 
Anywayyyy I bought this lipstick in
Amsterdam and the color is sooooo pretty, it's a light bright pink, but it's not too
light so it's baby pink. It's from Miss Sporty, which
I normally don't buy makeup from but I saw the color and I immediately 
wanted to buy it. The lipstick smells sooo good, like watermelon.
I haven't really used it a lot so I don't know for how long the lipstick
lasts, but it's really creamy. I would still recommend
that you wear it when your lips are not chapped or it won't look as good, as you
probably know. I will definitely wear this lipstick a lot!

-Purple Flamingo


  1. I'm not a big fan of Miss Sporty, but it's a nice lipstick colour :)


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