Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter Outfit!

Easter Outfit

Easter is coming up!  So the big question is what are you going to wear?

I put together some things that I think will be adorable for Easter.

I really love yellow so I paired a yellow dress from H&M with a gold necklace,

nude heels, gold and nude ring and then pastel yellow nail polish to match the dress.

-Purple Flamingo

Monday, 25 March 2013

Get The Look - AnnaSophia Robb

Get the look from AnnaSophia Robb!
1.Laura Geller Beauty Eye Rimz Baked Wet/Dry Eye Accents, you can also use Eye Color 08 from The Body Shop
2.MAC The Stylish Brow Collection Spring 2013
3. Rimmel Scandal eyes show off
4. Rimmel stay glossy all day seduction

-Purple Flamingo

Sunday, 24 March 2013

My Favorite Hair Products!

I love trying out new hair products! So here are some of my favourite hair products that I recommend :)

Batiste Dry shampoo Blush
Floral & Flirty
I love all Batiste dry shampoos, but I think
this one is my favourite! It smells really
good and doesn't make your hair tangled
like other dry shampoos

Aussome Volume
 - Shampoo & Conditioner
I love all the hair products from Aussie.
This Shampoo and Conditioner is great for
you if you have flat hair and you want
more volume :)

John Frieda Sheer Blonde
Conditioning Treatment
I love this hair product. I leave it in my 
hair for 15 minuets  and then I rinse it out 
and it leaves my hair super soft.

Aussie Dual Personality
Shine + Coloured Hair 
I use this when I want to add shine to
my hair and your hair gets really soft.

-Purple Flamingo

Friday, 22 March 2013

5 steps to a healthier skin

It's so important to have healthy skin. You look so much better and younger if you're skin is healthy and your make up will look weird on you if you're skin is for example dry. So here are five steps that I think is most important to a healthier skin and you have probably heard them before but that it's because it's all true!

Step 1 - Drink loads of water !
You should drink about 2 liters of water a day. If you're skin is dry you should try to stop use intense moisturizer and just drink water instead! I always have a water bottle on me for school so I'm always hydrated :)
Step 2 - Wash your face before you go to bed
NEVER go to bed with your makeup still on! Your skin will absorb all the chemicals in your makeup and it will age you, so always wash your face before you go to bed if you want to have young healthy skin!

Step 3 - Protect your skin
Wear sunscreen, even in the winter. I like to use BB cream with sunscreen to protect the skin. If you don't use sunscreen you will get wrinkles ! The best way to prevent getting wrinkles is to wear sunscreen !
Step 4 - Eat healthy
You are what you eat ! Unhealthy food has a major impact on your skin. Keep your diet various and make sure you are getting all the vitamins you need :)You should also eat 5 fruits a day :)
Step 5 - Exercise
Exercise regularly, it doesn't only have major impact on your skin but it's also good for your whole body and mind!

- Purple Flamingo

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Nail Polishes!

Like most makeup and fashion lovers, I love nail polishes, though I have to admit that I don't do my nails that often, but despite that I love buying nail polishes and painting my nails. My favorite brand of nail polishes is O.P.I. because the color stays on for days and they always have so pretty colors AND the name of the nail polishes are so fun!

I recently got this O.P.I. nail polish and I think it's so pretty and perfect for spring and summer. It's called You're such a Budapest

I really want to try this  nail polish, it's from the Disney's oz collection and it's liquid sand. It's supposed to give you a textured matte sheen and it's called What Wizardry is This?

I love this nail polish from O.P.I. it's called and I love the combination of the colors.

Spring 2013

It's March so spring is finally coming ! New season means new colors, so I checked out the latest designer and latest clothing stores and found out what colors are in for the spring! 
I checked out some designers to see what colors are dominant for this spring

I really like Tom Ford's collection Spring 2013 RTW, the main colors were white, black, a gorgeous pastel peach color and a beautiful indigo blue. Here are my favorites from the collection :)

I love the new arrivals at H&M, the colors are quite similar Tom Ford's collection for example the pastel peach, white which is always in for spring and summer. Then there is also military green, usually i don't really like wearing green but I will definitely buy something in that color for spring. Finally we have a gorgeous purple color which is called dark magenta. Here are some pictures of my favorite outfits on H&M.

Pictures from H&M
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