Thursday, 26 September 2013

My fall makeup look

This is my everyday fall makeup look!
My everyday makeup look is usually very simple 
'cause I don't want to spend a lot of time on my
makeup in my mornings when I have to hurry up for school!

I start by putting on my BB cream from Maybelline,
it's a good moisturizer and it has light to medium coverage
so it's perfect for everyday. Then I put on my wake me up concealer from
Rimmel, it's very moisturizing and it's my favorite concealers. My stay matte
  powder is also from Rimmel and it's really great. My bronzer is also from Rimmel!
I love the makeup from Rimmel. Bronzers are one of my makeup must-haves.
Then I put on blush, I got this blush ages ago, it's from collection 2000 but 
i'm not sure if they still have it. For my brows I use the brow kit from The Body Shop.
The mascara i'm using it the Rocket mascara from Maybelline, it's my favorite mascara ever!
Finally for my lips,i'm using the Color Pout from collection 2000 for berry lips!

-Purple Flamingo

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tips for healthy, beautiful hair

I've been meaning to do this post for a while,
so i'm glad i'm finally doing it! Here are some
tips for healthy and beautiful hair, hope this helps!

Don't wash your hair everyday
Your hair gets really quickly greasy and your hair will
get really dry.

Use different shampoos & conditioners
If you always use the same shampoo & conditioner,
your hair will get used to it and it won't work as well.

Use "healthy" products
Try to buy products that are good for your
hair and don't have any bad chemicals. I use this

Don't use heat
Using hair straighteners and curling irons will damage
 your hair. I'm not saying you should never use it,
it's okay to use it once in a while but make sure you
use heat protection.

Treat your hair
Use deep conditioner every once in a
while to repair your hair. I use the sheer blonde
conditioning treatment from John Frieda.

-Purple Flamingo

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Maybelline Rocket Mascara - Review

I love lipsticks (who doesn't ?)
My favorite lipstick is from Rimmel. It's the Kate Lasting Finish
Lipstick in 020. It's a vibrant pink, and everyone will notice
you when you are wearing that lipstick.
You have to prepare your lips before if you want
the lipstick to look the best on you..
Make sure your lips are soft and moisturized,
no one should wear lipstick with chapped lips.
I like to wear the lipstick when i'm going out
in the evenings, but be careful to not go crazy
on the eyemakup. Try wearing a winged eyeliner 
with the lipstick. If you love bold lipsticks, you
have to buy this one!

-Purple Flamingo

Monday, 9 September 2013

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Last post was all about fall makeup,
so I decided to do a post about Fall Fashion.
This is just the first post, I promise there will 
be more ;)

This biker jacket is from Topshop and I love
it has leather-look sleaves. Jackets and coats
with leather sleeves are in for this Fall!
This knitted cropped jumper is also
from Topshop. You have to have
a jumper for fall! Cropped jumpers
look great with skater skirts.
The skater skirt is from Miss Iny
but I have a very similar one from 
H&M. The burgundy skirt will
go great with the grey jumper.
This knitted snood is from fat face.
You can wear it over your jacket/coat or
your jumper and it will instantly warm
up your look.
These ankle boots are from H&M.
They are perfect and they will
go with everything in your fall wardrobe.
The frilly socks are from River Island.
Wearing frilly socks with boots,
is super cute for the fall.

-Purple Flamingo

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fall makeup

Fall makeup

Fall is here and I love changing up my makeup for fall.
Dark blushes, lipsticks or lip butters and bold
eyebrows is the complete fall makeup look.
I picked out three lip products and there's a 
reason for that;
A - Dark lip colors are also a must for fall
B- I'm a lipstick addict (well I love all lip
products except lip gloss)
Dark blushes are a must for this fall! Just
be careful to not put too much.
This is a FIT me! blush from Maybelline and it's in
the shade Deep Wine

The first lip product I chose was the
Revlon ColorStay Ulitmate Suede Lipstick in
Couture. This color is a beautiful and has a dark purple tone to it.
 I haven't tried this before but
I have to find it somewhere online so I can
buy it!

Next is the famous Baby Lips from Maybelline
and it's in Cherry Me.
I think this is great for school when you
don't want to wear something very bold.
The final Lip product I chose was
the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Cherry Tart.
It's a dark red color but not too bold because
it's a bit sheer.
Then I have the Rimmel London
Scandaleyes Micro Liner.
I love a black eyeliner with bold lips because
it doesn't take all the attention from the lips.
Finally, they eyebrows. Everyone wants
to have eyebrows like Cara Delevingne.
 I picked the Sephora Collection
Eyebrow Editor Complete Brow kit.
This brow kit is on top of my wishlist!
The compact has 2 brow powders,
setting brow wax, tweezers, a spoolie brush
and a angle brush.

Happy Fall!

-Purple Flamingo

Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Favorites!

I love doing favorites and I have some
great favorites for this month!
August Favorites
I bought these jeans from Vero Moda.
They are skinny and high wasted, they are
actually like ''mom jeans'' and they are super
I recently bought black and white 
platform sneakers. I like to pair them with the
jeans and it looks really good together.
These aren't exactly the same pair as mine
but they are really similar.
If you have read my previous blog post,
you would know I recently bought this mascara
from This is mascara is so good!
They make my lashes look longer and fuller but 
with NO clumps!
I have already done a review on the
Bioderma makeup remover (you can read it here)
If you have tried this magic makeup remover
you'll know how amazing it is!
This is pretty random but I have been 
loving the Staedtler triplus fineliner pens.
They come in many colors and I love using
them in school for notes.

-Purple Flamingo
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