Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Favorites

May Favorites

May is almost over so here are my MAY FAVORITES!

I finally bought my self and Ipad mini after wanting it for
a really long time. I love reading books on it, reading blogs and
I'll soon do a post with all my favorite apps.

I don't know how I would live without a bronzer.
The bronzer i'm currently using is from Rimmel and
I use it everyday.

I got this bodybutter from Nip+Fab for my birthday
and I really like it. It's for dry skin which is perfect
for me and it smells really good. I will soon do a 
review on it.

This month I bought the latest issue of Instyle,
the British edition. I love reading fashion magazines
and Instyle is one of my favorite.

If you have read the post before this one, you'll 
probably recognize these eyeshadows. My favorite
MAC eyeshadow ever is called ricepaper and I have
been using it alot this month.

-Purple Flamingo

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Summer MAC eyeshadows

MAC eyeshadows -

I love these two eyeshadows from MAC. I think they
are perfect for the summer because they are bright and light.
As you can see on the picture the eyeshadows are in the
color Paradisco and Ricepaper. Ricepaper is my favorite eyeshadow
ever. It brightens your eyes and I also use it as a eyebrow highlighter.
the Paradisco is a beautiful pink color with a gold shimmer.
 I like the combination of these two colors together, because it's cute and girly.

P.S. Did you know that MAC stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics

-Purple Flamingo

Monday, 27 May 2013

Pinterest inspiration II

Love this dress from Dolce & Gabbana. Floral dresses are so in this
 summer and I think the colors are so pretty.
I got this picture from Pinterest from here


Bright pink lips!!! What more can I say ? I can't wait to buy one.
Got this picture from Pinterest from here

So pretty colors and so pretty print!
Got this picture from Pinterest

Big watches are in for the summer!
This is a gorgeous watch from Michael Kors.
Got this picture from Pinterest

-Purple Flamingo

Saturday, 18 May 2013

My favorite Lip Products

My favorite Lip Products
I looove using lip products so I wanted to show you
all my favorite lip products.
This is the Revlon, Just Bitten Kissable balmstain.
You may recognize it from my March Favorites (you can
check it out here!) It's similar to the Clinique chubby sticks
but this one is cheaper ;) The smell of the Revlon balmstains
are amazing, they smell like peppermint.This is in the
shade 010, Darling Chérie. It's a beautiful purple color and
 beacuse it has blue undertones, you're teeth will 
look whiter wearing this color. 
This is the NYC smooch proof 16 hour lipstain.
I'm not sure if stays on for 16 hours but it lasts for 
at least 10 hours, which is pretty good. This is in the
shade 503, unstoppable red. It smells really good, like
apples :)

This is a lipstick from The Body Shop and it's in the shade
number 55. It's a gorgeous matte pink color and this one has also
blue undertones so your teeth will look whiter.

-Purple Flamingo

Friday, 17 May 2013

Beauty Wonder of the Month!

I've decided to do a monthly post called Beauty Wonder
of the Month. Every month I will pick one fruit or
just anything really, that is a Beauty Wonder and I'll
show you how you can use it for a beauty product.

This month i'm picking lemons. Lemons contain
Vitamin C, Vitamin Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A.
Vitamin C protects your skin from skincancer,
Vitamin B5 helps your skin stay clear, Vitamin A
keeps your skin hydrated.
Lemons are a healthy source of vitamin C.

Tip 1- Rub lemon juice on your nails to whiten them

Tip 2- Lemon juice can lighten your hair. Pour some
in your hair, go outside in the sun, rinse it out and
that's it.

Tip 3 - If you burn yourself on your curling iron,
just put some lemon juice on it ;)

-Purple Flamingo

Monday, 6 May 2013


Prints are big for spring and summer
so I thought it would be fun if I would put together
all my favorite prints that will be perfect
 for spring and summer. Printed jeans will be big,
 as well shoes and shirts. If I had to pick one print
 to be my favorite it would probably be floral.

Adorable dress from Forever 21. The
print is cute, and the color as well!
You can check it out here
Aztec printed hi-tops. Love this print
and the colors, they are a must-have for spring.
You can check it out here
Another adorable dress from Forever 21.
Love the floral print and the colors.
You can check it out here
TOPSHOP Small Spot Zip Around Purse
Little polkadot purse, in a perfect size to
fit in to your purse.
You can check it out here
Loooove this jacket from New Look!
I think it's so cute. I think it's a kind of 
jacket you either love or hate, but I love it!
You can check it out here

-Purple Flamingo

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April Favorites!

April Favorites!

May is finally here!
That means it's time for April Favorites!
Here are my favorite beauty & fashion products of April.

I bought a peach colored knitted sweater in April and I love it. You can wear it over jeans or shorts and the color is so pretty.
You can get it here

As i mentioned in My Spring Wishlist I love floral for spring so I bought these leggings which go great with my knitted sweater.
You can get it here

I decided to buy the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold and I'm glad I did because it's amazing. I use it as an eyeshadow base and it stays on for a really long time.
You can get it here

I've been using the Fragrance Mist from Victoria's Secret, Such a Flirt a lot. It smells so good and I use it almost every day.
You can get it here

I've also been using the Vitamin E Face Mist from The Body Shop a lot. It's great for setting make-up and it's an excellent refresher.
You can get it here

-Purple Flamingo

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