Monday, 26 May 2014


I love reading but unfortunately I don't read a lot.
When I was little I loved to read before I went to sleep.
Nowadays we (or at least I) find it so hard to concentrate on reading
because there are so many things that around us that can disturb you, such as your phone,
tablet or computer. When I go to bed, instead of reading a book like I always
did when I was little, I rather watch a TV-show. 

I really missed reading so I decided
to make a little space which is perfect for reading. I don't take any electronics with me 
when I'm reading a book so nothing will disturb me. I also find reading
 so relaxing and it's always good if you can take a little break from your electronics.

As you can see from this picture I have been loving John Green
I have read The Fault in Our Stars, Abundance of Katherines and
at the moment I'm reading Looking for Alaska. I'm definitely going
to read all of his books, they are so good!

This is it for my post today!

Friday, 23 May 2014


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
I can't go out of the house without eating breakfast.
Usually I'll just have a porridge or cheerios but now
since school has finished, I have more time to make 
something really good and healthy.
This one is my favorite at the moment!
A toast witch avocado and egg.
So easy to make, it takes about 15 minuets. I wouldn't
normally make this before school because I don't have a lot
of time but I often make it on weekends.
All you need is bread, half an avocado and 1 egg.
This recipe was inspired by Niomi Smart on youtube, you can watch
her video here.
I actually had this for breakfast this morning 
and it's really good and it takes you like 3 minuets
to make it. All you need are some berries, Greek yogurt and granola.
I used frozen blueberries but it's probably better to use fresh berries.
After I eat breakfast I usually get hungry again after one hour or so
but not after this I don't get hungry again until noon, so that's a big plus
for me :)

Hope you liked this post!
- Fjóla

Friday, 16 May 2014

My Notebooks

Hi, I'm Fjóla and I'm a notebook-aholic.
I love notebooks and I don't buy a notebook when I
need one, I buy one when I see one really cute and then
I'll decide what to do with it. Yeah, it's true. 
So for this post I thought it would be fun if I would show
you my notebooks that I use the most and what I use them for.
This notebook is my blogger notebook. I write down ideas for a blog post
and how many visitors I get on my blog and so on. It's really handy
to have a notebook for your blog because when you have no idea what
to write about you can just look for an idea in your notebook. 
I got this notebook from Sostrene Grene.

Okay, this is my seccond blogger notebook. Yes, I have two blogger
notebooks. This one is just a lot smaller so it's handier to carry around 
in your bag. I use this one for writing down ideas. I also got
this notebook from Sostrene Grene, if you have a store near
you, you should definitely check out their notebooks. They have
some really cute ones.
This is my planner, which I use everyday. It helps me keep
track on all my activites and important things, like tests and 
doctors apointments, birthdays and more.
 The planner shows every week by its self so you'll
always know what's happening every week. I got this planner from HEMA
in Netherlands (I love the stationary there!)
The last notebook I have is my to-do list book. I write down
all kinds of lists, like what I want to read, grocery list, what 
I have to do that day and so on. It's so handy to have because you
are much more likely to do things if you make a list. 
This notebook is also from Sostrene Grene (surprise, surprise!)
That's it for this post, hope you liked it!


Sunday, 4 May 2014

April Favorites

Finally! May is here, my favorite month because
A - May is my birthday month,
B - It's finally getting a little bit warmer outside,
C - It's almost summer!
So here are my favorites for this month.

Nivea Tinted Moisturizing Day Care
I have used this moisturizer a lot this month,
mostly on weekends when I want to lay off the makeup
a bit and keep things natural. You might be wondering
why I'm using a tinted moisturizer instead of BB or CC cream
and the reason is simple, I just needed something a bit more
moisturizing than a BB or CC cream. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo
I'm pretty sure this is not the first time I have
included the Batiste Dry Shampoo in my favorites
but since I cut my hair short I have been using it
a lot to add volume to my hair.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray
I have owned this sea salt spray for a while
but I didn't really use it. When I cut my hair I started
using it again and I really liked it. I spray it in my hair
in the mornings and it gives my hair soft waves, which 
I really like.

H&M Lip Pen
I have used this lip pen so much this month!
It reminds me of summer and the color
is just beautiful. It's a buttery texture so it won't leave
your lips dry. It's not quite a lipgloss but it's not a lipstick 
either, it's somewhere in the middle and I have a feeling
I will be using this lip pen a lot this summer.

The Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil
If you haven't tried this oil from the body shop
you are missing out on a lot, let me tell yah!
I was watching Essie Button on youtube and she 
was saying how much she loved this oil so 
I decided to give it a go. I'm really glad I did 
because it's amazing. There are like four or five 
smells you can choose from but I chose the Shea one, it
smells so good and luxurious. It says on the bottle that you 
can use the oil on your body, face and hair. I use it instead of
a body lotion. It leaves your skin soooo soft and you don't have to 
wait until it sinks into your skin. It's just so much better than body butters!
You have to give this one a go.


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