Monday, 7 October 2013

My favorite YouTube beauty channels!

People might think i'm addicted to YouTube beauty videos.
They might be right, because I think i watch them everyday.
People also might find it strange to watch someone on the
computer talking about their favorite makeup products,
and watch them putting on their makeup but I love it!
I love discovering new beauty gurus, so I thought I would
show you all of my favorite beauty gurus!
(they are not in any particular order)


She was the first beauty guru I ever watched
and she is just adorable. You have to 
watch her videos, she is the queen of the beauty
gurus (I think)

Tanya Burr

She does great makeup tutorials,
and she really knows what she's
doing. When I going out and I don't know
how i'm going to wear my makeup, I check out her
videos for inspiration.


I love her videos, she does really
great videos about fashion and beauty.
I love her watching her favorites!


She also makes really great videos about
fashion and beauty. I love her
style and her hauls.


I also love her style, but she doesn't do
many makeup tutorials but she does
great fashion and beauty hauls.

These are my favorite beauty gurus
( although I'm subscribed to many, many
other beauty channels)
Hope you enjoyed it!

-Purple Flamingo

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