Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beat the cold!

Where I live it's already getting pretty cold.
My skin is rather dry so when it starts to get
cold, my skin gets even dryer.
I thought I would give you some tips
on how to beat the cold.

Number 1
Drink water
It's so important to drink enough water.
You should drink about 2 liters of water
everyday. If you are constantly using 
moisturizers on your skin, you should
check if you are drinking enough water.

      Number 2          
Make sure you don't lick your lips
   and that your hands are completely dry
  when you have washed them. This
    will prevent your lips and hands getting dry

Number 3
Find a good moisturizer that is good
for your skin. I have a moisturizer for my face,
hands, lips and of course I use a body butter.

So these are the tips I have for
you, hope they are helpful!

-Purple Flamingo

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