Monday, 9 September 2013

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Last post was all about fall makeup,
so I decided to do a post about Fall Fashion.
This is just the first post, I promise there will 
be more ;)

This biker jacket is from Topshop and I love
it has leather-look sleaves. Jackets and coats
with leather sleeves are in for this Fall!
This knitted cropped jumper is also
from Topshop. You have to have
a jumper for fall! Cropped jumpers
look great with skater skirts.
The skater skirt is from Miss Iny
but I have a very similar one from 
H&M. The burgundy skirt will
go great with the grey jumper.
This knitted snood is from fat face.
You can wear it over your jacket/coat or
your jumper and it will instantly warm
up your look.
These ankle boots are from H&M.
They are perfect and they will
go with everything in your fall wardrobe.
The frilly socks are from River Island.
Wearing frilly socks with boots,
is super cute for the fall.

-Purple Flamingo

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