Saturday, 6 July 2013

Favorite Summer Reads

Don't you just love lying in the sun and reading a book.
I put together a little list of my favorite summer reads!

I love the Shopaholic series!
I watched the movie before I read the 
book and honestly I didn't like the movie as
much as I though I would. I decided to give the
book a try, and I'm really glad I did because 
I read the whole series. There are six books in the series
and they are all written by Sophie Kinsella.
The books are not hard too read and they're really funny and
if you love shopping (maybe if you love it too much) you will
love these books.
I was so upset when The Secret Circle (the TV-show) 
was cancelled, so I decided to read the books. I've  
just finished the first book and I can't wait to get started
on the next book. There are six books in the series, the
first three books are written by L.J. Smith and the last three
books are written by Aubrey Clark.
This book is about teenage witches so if you like the
Vampire Diaries, I think you will love The Secret Circle.

I love love love Bridget Jones, she's so funny.
Bridget Jones's diary is written by Helen Fielding.
There are two books in the series but I have only read
the first one. This book is also very easy to read
and if you liked the movie, you will love the book.

I have been loving Mindy Kaling's TV- show,
The Mindy Project so I decided to read her book,
Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? Mindy 
is soooo funny, everything she says is funny, I love her.
If you watch The Mindy project you will like this book.

-Purple Flamingo


  1. wow the last book sounds really interesting!:) great tips!♥

  2. mindy has a book?! i need this! xx

  3. I know how you feel about the secret circle! I was so angry when they cancelled the show, because it didnt feel like the end :( are the books any good? By the way, great post! :) xx

    1. Yeah I think the books are great you should definitely read them if you loved the TV-show!

  4. same question as ^^

    would you recommend the books? and i was SO upset when it was cancelled, the ending was terrible.

    1. Yes I recommend them, the books are a bit different than the TV-show, but like I said if you loved the TV-show you will love the books.


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