Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Favorites

May Favorites

May is almost over so here are my MAY FAVORITES!

I finally bought my self and Ipad mini after wanting it for
a really long time. I love reading books on it, reading blogs and
I'll soon do a post with all my favorite apps.

I don't know how I would live without a bronzer.
The bronzer i'm currently using is from Rimmel and
I use it everyday.

I got this bodybutter from Nip+Fab for my birthday
and I really like it. It's for dry skin which is perfect
for me and it smells really good. I will soon do a 
review on it.

This month I bought the latest issue of Instyle,
the British edition. I love reading fashion magazines
and Instyle is one of my favorite.

If you have read the post before this one, you'll 
probably recognize these eyeshadows. My favorite
MAC eyeshadow ever is called ricepaper and I have
been using it alot this month.

-Purple Flamingo

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