Monday, 6 May 2013


Prints are big for spring and summer
so I thought it would be fun if I would put together
all my favorite prints that will be perfect
 for spring and summer. Printed jeans will be big,
 as well shoes and shirts. If I had to pick one print
 to be my favorite it would probably be floral.

Adorable dress from Forever 21. The
print is cute, and the color as well!
You can check it out here
Aztec printed hi-tops. Love this print
and the colors, they are a must-have for spring.
You can check it out here
Another adorable dress from Forever 21.
Love the floral print and the colors.
You can check it out here
TOPSHOP Small Spot Zip Around Purse
Little polkadot purse, in a perfect size to
fit in to your purse.
You can check it out here
Loooove this jacket from New Look!
I think it's so cute. I think it's a kind of 
jacket you either love or hate, but I love it!
You can check it out here

-Purple Flamingo


  1. I love the pokadot purse! So cute!


  2. I love that first dress!

    Corinne x

  3. I love printed trousers at the moment, especially jeans!
    I really like the polkadot purse.

    Hannah x


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