Friday, 22 March 2013

5 steps to a healthier skin

It's so important to have healthy skin. You look so much better and younger if you're skin is healthy and your make up will look weird on you if you're skin is for example dry. So here are five steps that I think is most important to a healthier skin and you have probably heard them before but that it's because it's all true!

Step 1 - Drink loads of water !
You should drink about 2 liters of water a day. If you're skin is dry you should try to stop use intense moisturizer and just drink water instead! I always have a water bottle on me for school so I'm always hydrated :)
Step 2 - Wash your face before you go to bed
NEVER go to bed with your makeup still on! Your skin will absorb all the chemicals in your makeup and it will age you, so always wash your face before you go to bed if you want to have young healthy skin!

Step 3 - Protect your skin
Wear sunscreen, even in the winter. I like to use BB cream with sunscreen to protect the skin. If you don't use sunscreen you will get wrinkles ! The best way to prevent getting wrinkles is to wear sunscreen !
Step 4 - Eat healthy
You are what you eat ! Unhealthy food has a major impact on your skin. Keep your diet various and make sure you are getting all the vitamins you need :)You should also eat 5 fruits a day :)
Step 5 - Exercise
Exercise regularly, it doesn't only have major impact on your skin but it's also good for your whole body and mind!

- Purple Flamingo


  1. We've tried all these but they don't work :(

    1. Yes it does work :) I'm not saying your skin will be perfect when you do all these steps but your skin will be a bit better or healthier. Maybe it doesn't work for you but it might work for someone else ;)


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