Thursday, 8 January 2015

My favorite makeup brushes (Real Techniques) Part 1 - Base

Good makeup brushes are a big part of making your makeup look flawless.
It's really difficult to get a natural makeup look using bad quality makeup
brushes. I thought I would share with you guys my favorite makeup brushes.
You might notice that all of my favorite makeup brushes are from
Real Techniques, they are just such good quality and they are affordable.
.This will topic will be divided into two blog posts, in this post I'm writing about
the brushes I use for the base and for part 2 I will write about the eye makeup

Powder Brush
I use this brush for my powder (obviously)
The brush is super soft so it doesn't take to
much product at once. It's also really big
so it takes literally 5 seconds to apply the
powder on your face. Also, if I but too much
bronzer or blush I just use this brush to get some of the
product off.

Expert Face Brush
 I use this brush for my foundation. With a good
foundation, the brush makes it look very natural
and it's also really easy to build up your foundation
using this brush. You can also use it to 
blend your concealer.

Blush Brush
Not only my favorite brush but also my most used.
I actually use it a lot more often to apply bronzer than blush.
The brush picks just the right amount of bronzer, so you
don't have to spend a lot of time swirling your brush in the product
until you get the right amount, but it also doesn't take too much
product so you will look like an oompa loompa.

Let me know what makeup brushes are your favorite!


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