Friday, 16 May 2014

My Notebooks

Hi, I'm Fjóla and I'm a notebook-aholic.
I love notebooks and I don't buy a notebook when I
need one, I buy one when I see one really cute and then
I'll decide what to do with it. Yeah, it's true. 
So for this post I thought it would be fun if I would show
you my notebooks that I use the most and what I use them for.
This notebook is my blogger notebook. I write down ideas for a blog post
and how many visitors I get on my blog and so on. It's really handy
to have a notebook for your blog because when you have no idea what
to write about you can just look for an idea in your notebook. 
I got this notebook from Sostrene Grene.

Okay, this is my seccond blogger notebook. Yes, I have two blogger
notebooks. This one is just a lot smaller so it's handier to carry around 
in your bag. I use this one for writing down ideas. I also got
this notebook from Sostrene Grene, if you have a store near
you, you should definitely check out their notebooks. They have
some really cute ones.
This is my planner, which I use everyday. It helps me keep
track on all my activites and important things, like tests and 
doctors apointments, birthdays and more.
 The planner shows every week by its self so you'll
always know what's happening every week. I got this planner from HEMA
in Netherlands (I love the stationary there!)
The last notebook I have is my to-do list book. I write down
all kinds of lists, like what I want to read, grocery list, what 
I have to do that day and so on. It's so handy to have because you
are much more likely to do things if you make a list. 
This notebook is also from Sostrene Grene (surprise, surprise!)
That's it for this post, hope you liked it!


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