Wednesday, 15 January 2014

School Essentials

 School has started again after a long winter break.
I wanted to show you some school essentials, that might
come in handy. For me, this is quite a lot of stuff and I don't take
everything to school with me, but you might get some ideas.
So here they are!

I recently bought this purple travel mug and I have used it everyday. I love a warm 
cup of tea on cold winter mornings. It's from Bodum and it keeps my tea hot for at least 3 hours.
Don't keep it in your bag though, it might spill.
Mints are a must for me. I love the intense mint tic tacs, makes your breath
so fresh.

Here are my beauty and skin musts. Hand sanitizers are probably something
that you already have in your schoolbag. Mine is strawberry from the Body Shop and it
smells soooo good. If I had to choose one makeup product to take with me to school
I would pick a concealer for my dark under eye circles. I always get dark circles, no matter
how much I sleep. My favorite concealer is the wake me up concealer from Rimmel. It covers
my dark circles and it doesn't dry out my skin. I have done a little review of the Burt's bees
Lip balm and if you read it or tried the lip balm, you'll know how great it is. It's super moisturizing
and it smells like peppermint! Maybe it's just me, but I always need to have a nail file with me,
just in case if my nail splits, I hate when that happens! During winters I always carry a hand cream
because my hands tend to get pretty dry during winters. My favorite is from L'occitane and it works wonders.
I often wear my hair down, but sometimes my hair gets in the way and it can be
very annoying. I always have a hair elastic and bobby pins in my bag. I love scrunchies, because they
don't give you a headache and they are also so cute! I bought mine from Six.
I use my Ipad mini everyday in school. I use it to do projects and it's so much easier
than bringing a heavy laptop. I also use my planner everyday. I bought it in Amsterdam 
and I use it to plan my day, write down my homework and other important stuff. I don't
know what I would do if I didn't have my planner!

That's it for my school essentials, hope you enjoyed it!
-Purple Flamingo

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