Monday, 21 October 2013

Make your room ready for Fall/Winter

I love watching room tours on Youtube and reading
interior blogs so this post is going to be about how you can
make your room ready for fall/winter!
Cozy room
Add many different pillows on your bed. I picked
earth toned colors, which I think gives the room some warmth.
Don't be afraid to mix and match the pillows!

Who doesn't love candles?
They make a huge difference in your room and
they add a nice smell. What I love the most
about fall and winter is the candles!

Of course you will need a blanket to
make your room cozy. Pick one that is 
soft so when it gets really cold you can always
cuddle up in the blanket.

I think pictures add a character to your
room. Put a picture of something you love
and that inspires you!

-Purple Flamingo

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