Sunday, 11 August 2013

Back to School - School Supplies

Back to School
I looove back to School shopping,
it's the best thing about starting school.
When I'm shopping for school supplies I want
it to be colorful, but mostly pink!
I just discovered Lilly Pulitzer agendas,
I have to have them. They have everything you would
want in an agenda. The travel mug and the notebooks
are also from Lilly Pulitzer.
The cute floral back pack is from Forever 21
and the pencil case is from Forever New.
I really don't have to say where the post it notes are
from, but they are necessary for school (well at least I think so)
I'm not sure where the pink pencils are from but they are
suuuper cute!

-Purple Flamingo

1 comment:

  1. those agendas are super cute!
    Please could you check out my blog?


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