Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Beauty Wishlist

My Beauty Wishlist

I always have something on my beauty wishlist.
No matter how much I buy, there is always something
I want that I don't have. Believe me there are many more than
5 products on my beauty wishlist but if I tell you about
everything I want, you will be all day reading my post.
So I think it will be best if I just tell you about my top 5
products on my wishlist.

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder
I really want to try this liquid powder.
I have heard great things about it but the packaging
isn't that great. First when you put it on your hand, it looks like
foundation but when you put it on you, it turns in to powder. I think
it's great for you if you don't want something as heavy as foundation.

OPI - My Favorite Ornament
This nailpolish is so pretty. I need it in my life!
Who doesn't looove glitter?
This is from the OPI Mariah Carey
Holiday Collection, check out the rest of the collection here.

Girl meets pearl - Benefit
I need a new highlighter and I really want to
try this one from Benefit. I've heard great things about it
and I think I will like it.

EOS lip balm
I love trying out new lip balms and the
lip balms from EOS are on the top of my list!
They all smell really good and everyone loves them.

MAC Lipstick
I really want to try the lipstick from MAC in Just a Bite.
It's a really pretty dark red color and it's perfect for winter.
Everyone knows that a dark red lipstick is a must for fall and

Hope you liked this post, tell me what's on
your beauty wishlist, or maybe not, because then
my wishlist will only get longer.

-Purple Flamingo

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