Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My favorite apps

I thought it would be fun to show you guys what my
favorite apps are on my iPad mini. You can get most of the
apps also on your iPhone or on google play store.

Calendars +
This is the best calendar app I have found.
 I use it everyday and it's super easy to use. 
When you plan a new event you can chose
what color you want you use and add a reminder.
You can also make a task list which I think is great.

I love checking out all of my favorite blogs
on my ipad. This is also really easy
to use and it looks and works like the website.

I just made a account for my blog on Instagram,
it's purpleflamingo025 so make sure you are following me.

Pinterest is so inspiring, I usually look at
pictures related to beauty, fashion, interior design
and more.

Candy Crush
Who doesn't love Candy Crush?
It's so addictive and I love playing it.
Most of you probably have tried so I 
don't think I have to explain what it is about.

So here are some of my favorite apps,
I hope you enjoyed this post.

-Purple Flamingo

1 comment:

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